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Southdown Babydoll and Harlequin Sheep Lamgo- Where the Lambs grow!

We specialize in two quality registered miniature sheep breeds. The adorable Teddybear faced Southdown Babydoll sheep who always appears to be smiling and the beautiful and fun spirited Harlequin.

Lamgo Farms recently acquired the breeding stock of "Six Wags Over Texas." Jill Christopher has been wonderful in the transition from their farm to ours. During this transition, she is staying in a supportive role to ensure the quality, care and education of these wonderful sheep to continue and carry on the incredible reputation that was built by them over the past fifteen years.

We chose the Babydoll breed for its sweet spirit, gentle demeanor, small size for handling and ease in overall care. They are perfect for our 4-H and FAA handlers as their popularity in the United States grows.

The Southdown Babydoll has been excellent in tending to orchards and vineyards as they are great foragers without harming the fruit.  Their smaller size makes them great for the Homesteader and those seeking to meet their Agricultural Exemption for property tax.

Our three younger children ages 4, 5 and 6 years love being followed by the sheep as they are naturally inquisitive and gentle. Their wool according to the is highly desired by fiber artists and hand spinners for its exceptional quality. 

We are now home to the first American Pure Bred Harlequin Sheep. This breed caught my eye for the absolutely stunning Cocoa brown markings and unforgettable eyes that can be blue or a beautiful amber. They have a slick face, ears and legs. During processing their wool can be blended together to create a light gray. When born the spotted colors are a black and white that fade to a cocoa brown and cream. Genetics and quality breeding matter especially when it comes to creating a desired coat or eye color. A cream Ewe or Ram can still produce a spotted lamb. We have those brilliant genes and combinations to create your dream lamb for your own flock or to get your started in your own breeding program.

The Harlequin has a unique and fun loving personality. Our "Harley's" enjoy playing with our dogs. They are a tame and more manageable livestock option. Plus, they are stunning in the yard or pasture.