High-Quality Mini Goldendoodles with Desirable Coat Textures

Not all F2b Mini Goldendoodles are created equal. Here at Lamgo Farms, we have found the perfect combination of hair types to make the most desirable coat textures and qualities. Our Mini Goldendoodles have remarkable characteristics that other breeders cannot duplicate.

Our Petite, Micro, and Mini Goldendoodles are Hypoallergenic because of the amount and types of poodle genetics bred into them. Hypoallergenic refers to animal skin dander. Poodles have very low skin dander and qualify to be hypoallergenic dogs if kept clean. F2B Mini Goldendoodles have more poodle; therefore, they have very little skin dander and are virtually non-shedding. F1b Goldendoodles are also considered highly hypoallergenic but may not have as many qualities as the F2b. They are the perfect breed for those with allergies and asthma. We encourage potential owners to consult their physician or allergist and visit our ranch or another doodle breeder before investing in a mini Goldendoodle financially and emotionally.



Lamgo Farms creates beautiful Mini Goldendoodles with consistency! Our MiniGoldendoodles have absolutely stunning coats, facial features, temperaments, and structure. We breed for excellence in health, attractiveness, and temperament. We are constantly striving for improvement.

We have carefully selected our Sires and Dams for these litters to produce a far superior product. Two generations of genetics are in play, allowing a more consistent coat.

Our doodles have that adorable teddy bear look and excellent temperament. Their coats are soft and wavy and will grow into a long and sometimes thicker fleece wave, much like Duke. Yet keep the lighter soft feel of Daphne's coat. A perfect combination. It is also adorable when clipped short. Mrs. Beasley's pups will have a rag-a-muffin look, and your Doodle will resemble its parents.

Personal Touch for our Owners

We care very deeply for both our puppies and their owners. Your satisfaction and enjoyment of your puppy is our goal. To reach this goal, we must start with a happy and healthy puppy, followed by a happy and informed owner. We strive to keep the lines of communication open with our new and past owners. We also offer puppy preparation and reading material, so you are ready for your puppy when he comes home. Each owner is unique to us, and we hope to make you feel that way.

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Service Dogs vs. Companion Dogs

Lamgo Farms breeds MiniGoldendoodles for both Companion and Service capabilities. Although all Mini Goldendoodles are intelligent, friendly, and durable, not all puppies are meant to spend a lifetime dedicated to service. Some puppies from the start are just meant to be placed in companion homes. In contrast, others show the distinct personality, temperament, intellect, stamina, and physical capabilities to spend their lives beaming their bright character as therapy dogs for those with both physical and emotional needs.

Others have the will, ambition, and desire to live a dedicated life with Search and Rescue teams across America. Training starts at 2 weeks old, and placement into foster homes starts at 16 weeks old. Lamgo Farms reserves the top 1 pick twice a year for Service dogs to be placed for these purposes. Please contact us for more information.

Night Kennel Training Begins at Our Farm

We strive to provide our owners with the best quality and best-looking dogs and the best-trained puppies than any other breeder. We opt to prepare and arm our owners with training, reading material, and constant support to supply them with the knowledge to weather the two-year puppy stage to find their "best friend." Lamgo Farms Puppies are night kennel trained, introduced to bell potty training, introduced to leash training, and taught a few basic commands. This is all included in our puppy price. We do not charge extra for this service, and extended stay programs are available for an additional cost.

We are not a kennel, and our breeding dogs are our pets. Our sire, dams, and puppies all live in our house with us, so your puppies will have a great start. At Lamgo Farms, we're dedicated to producing happy, healthy, quality family pets and will be here for a lifetime of support you can count on.

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