Family Farm in Texas Specialized in Breeding & Selling Goldenoodle Dogs, Babydoll & Harlequin Sheep, and Miniature Horses

Lamgo Farms, LLC is a family owned and operated farm near Dallas, Texas. They specialize in breeding and raising Southdown Babydoll Sheep, Miniature Harlequin Sheep and Goldendoodle puppies while also operating LamgoLand Pet Supply store, a division of Lamgo Farms. The Lamgo family has eight children ages 27 to 5 years old.

Lamgo Farms came to fruition after the death of the Lamgo's second child to a rare heart defect. Therapy through Goldendoodle dogs assisted with bereavement recovery as well as grief support when words just weren't enough. Becoming a Mini Goldendoodle breeder was the result of many years of animal husbandry, experience with Doodle breeding and a passion for helping others with therapy needs including grief therapy and service assistance.

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