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Our Policy and Procedures

Mini Goldendoodles and Shih Tzu:
  In order to protect our puppies, customers, and family, we accept visitors by scheduled appointments only after the puppies have reached 6 weeks of age.  This will be during the normal puppy "picking" appointment time.  Unlimited pictures and videos will always be sent upon request as often as they are requested to ease your choice leading up to the week of the pick.  It is possible for viruses and bacteria to spread from visitors to the puppies, endangering the entire litter.  Therefore these precautions are necessary.  
  Although our policy and procedures apply to both Mini goldendoodle and Shih Tzu breeds, all Mini goldendoodles will be ready to go home by 8 weeks of age whereas, most Shih Tzu will not be ready to go home until 10 to 12 weeks of age.  This is based on AKC recommendations specific for the Shih Tzu breed.  Please note Copies of our Health Guarantee, Application, and purchase agreement are all available via e-mail by request.  

**The Puppy Picking order policy applies only to Mini Goldendoodles and not to Shih Tzu.  Please see the Shih Tzu page for more details on the puppy picking policy for the Shih Tzu breed. 
The picking order is determined by the order in which the deposits are received.  Your choice of male or female preference is requested (not required) at the time you place your deposit.  On puppy picking day, you will be given pictures of the available puppies you may choose from.   On the day of picking, you will be given pictures (if from out of town) or you will come for your scheduled appointment for a visit to pick from the remaining puppies.  Those choosing from out of town may request additional video of your favorite puppies.  Usually, from the start, when a deposit is received, customers have an idea which puppy they are interested in purchasing.  We always try to get you the puppy of your choice.  

We have based our Puppy Picking Policy for the Mini Goldendoodles on certain variables specific to the breed.  The fact that the doodle coats take time to develop true thickness, texture, length, and coloring; along with the maturing process of temperaments; it is very difficult for owners to simply pick their future family member at a few weeks old by simply looking at a newborn picture.  This is why there is a picking order and selection takes place at 6 weeks of age.  Those first to place a deposit, simply have more puppies to choose from, not a lower quality.  Please note that because of our quality breeding practices, there is not one bad pick of the litter.  If you are truly unhappy with the selection at hand for any reason, we are happy to discuss your options with you.   Our goal is to match each family with the right puppy of their choice.  Lamgo Farms cannot guarantee the exact color, size, temperament and coat the puppy will turn out to be. 

    Your new puppy will have been dewormed, had it's first set of shots, dew claws removed, and commencement of potty and crate training and taught the basic commands by pick up day.  Puppies will be ready for pick up and shipping at eight or 9 weeks of age (Mini Goldendoodles only).  Puppies not picked up by the scheduled pick-up date will be charged an additional $35 per day boarding fee unless other arrangements have been made by Lamgo Farms.  We do offer an extended stay program.  Puppies staying past the pick up date continue training and daily schedule, therefore the additional fee is necessary.  Please see the shipping and Bringing Home Baby pages for more information.  

    Lamgo Farms Does guarantee the general health of your pet for the first three business days after you receive your pet.  You are encouraged to take your pup to see a vet within this time.  We also encourage all pups to have limited or no access to other animals, outdoors and public facilities until 12 weeks of life when they are properly and fully vaccinated.  All Mini Goldendoodle puppies also come with a 1 yr limited genetic health warranty (will be e-mailed).  If at any time you are unable to care for your pup during it's lifetime, Lamgo Farms asks that you give us the opportunity to take back the pup or adult dog to place it for you.  We never want to see one of our pups in a shelter or put to sleep.   We will not, however, exchange funds or reimburse any funds for this service.  All puppies are sold with a spay or neuter contract.  We do not sell our puppies for breeding.  Certain breeders may be considered.  Failure to spay females prior to 6 months of age and neuter males prior to 5 months of age will void your Health Warranty.  Prior to delivery, all puppies will have been properly socialized and temperament tested.  If at any time you have any questions both during and after your experience with Lamgo Farms, please feel free to call.  We are here to help.  Thank you for your patronage! 

-Sandi Lamgo

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