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Health Testing

    Lamgo Farms tests the genetic health of our breeding stock.  Our breeding stock includes Toy Poodles, Miniature Poodles, Shih Tzu, F1 Mini goldendoodles, F1b Mini goldendoodles, and F2b Mini goldendoodles.  Tests are breed specific.  The occurance of these diseases, disorders and ailments in our multi generational Mini goldendoodles is very rare, however, for the benefit of our customers, we are now offering health testing for our Mini goldendoodle parents.  Even if both parents are cleared for these genetic disorders, as genetics has it, a disorder can surface anytime in the bloodline.  That is why Lamgo Farms offers a 2 yr Genetic Health Warranty against certain disorders. 

Just a reminder: In the event that a genetic disorder should arise, Lamgo Farms never asks for the return of your puppy in exchange for reimbursement or a new puppy.  Please ask for a copy of our Health Warranty for detailed information.

Here are a few of the tests our Dams and Sires are either undergoing or have undergone.  Copies of all tests will be provided upon request and will be included in your puppy packet.  Not every dog is at the same stage of testing, so please inquire as to what testing the parents of your puppy have had or are undergoing.

HIPS:  Testing for Hip Dysplasia
 OFA Permanent Daphne   
 OFA Preliminary Mrs. Beasley
 OFA Clered by Parentage Duke
 Sammy,  Cleared by Parentage 
 OFA Preliminary Mr. Bean
 OFA Permanent Niles

    OFA Permanent heart clearances
    Daphne, Mrs. Beasley, Mr. Bean, Niles

    CERF-Duke cleared by parentage
THYROID testing:
     OFA Normal
      Daphne, Mrs. Beasley, Mr. Bean, Niles

Undergoing testing for certain Poodles only

Preliminary testing undergoing for Poodles only

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