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Lamgo Farms' Mini Goldendoodles
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Duke and Daphne Oct. 2010


Our Sire and Dam, Duke and Daphne

     Duke and Daphne
    These F2B Mini goldendoodle puppies are a cross between Duke our F1b mini-goldendoodle (pictured far left) and Daphne, our F1 mini goldendoodle (pictured on the right ).  The cross between these two goldendoodles creates a rare multigenerational F2B minigoldendoodle.  The F2B's allows for more of a hypoallergenic goldendoodle coat.  The F1 Mom is a cross between a pure bred toy poodle and a pure bred Golden retriever.  While the F1b sire is a cross between an F1 goldendoodle and a miniature pure bred poodle.  The genetics in play has allowed many of the pure bred faults to be bred out of the lines while keeping those great temperaments, hypoallergenic coats, and high intellect and trainability.  These are truly beautiful and wonderful family dogs.  Daphne stands 17 inches tall and weighs about 31 lbs. at her highest weight.  Duke is a little taller and standing 19 inches tall and weighing in at 33 lbs. with a full coat. 

Why a Lamgo Farms' F2B Mini goldendoodle?

Not all F2b Mini Goldendoodles are created equal.  Here at Lamgo Farms, we have found the perfect combination of hair types to create the most desirable coat textures and qualities.  Our Mini Goldendoodles have remarkable characteristics that simply cannot be duplicated by other breeders.

 Our Petite, Micro, and Mini goldendoodles are Hypoallergenic because of the amount and types of poodle genetics bred into them.  Hypoallergenic refers to animal skin dander.  Poodles have very low skin dander, therefore, do qualify to be a hypoallergenic dog if kept clean.  F2B Mini Goldendoodles have more poodle in them, therefore, they have very little skin dander and are virtually non shedding.  F1b Goldendoodles are also considered extremely hypoallergenic, but may not have as many of these qualities as the F2b.  They are the perfect breed for those with allergies and/or asthma.   We encourage all potential owners to consult their physician or allergist as well as visit our ranch or another doodle breeder prior to investing in a mini goldendoodle both financially and emotionally.
Lamgo Farms creates beautiful Mini Goldendoodles with consistency!  Our Minigoldendoodles have absolutely stunning coats, facial features, temperaments, and structure.  We breed for excellence in health, attractiveness, and temperament.  Always striving for improvement.

We have carefully selected our Sires and Dams for these litters to produce a far superior product.   There are two different generations of genetics in play allowing a more consistant coat. 
Our doodles have that adorable teddybear look and great temperament.  Their coats are soft and wavy and will grow into a long and sometimes thicker fleece wave much like Duke.  Yet keep the lighter soft feel of Daphne's coat.  A perfect combination.   It is also adorable when clipped short.  Mrs. Beasley's pups will have more of a rag-a-muffin look.  Your Doodle will resemble it's parents.   

Personal Touch for our Owners
We care very deeply for both our puppies and their owners.  Your satisfaction and enjoyment of your puppy is our goal.  To reach this goal, we must start with a happy and healthy puppy, followed by a happy and informed owner.  We strive to keep the lines of communication open with our new and past owners.   We also offer puppy preparation and reading material so you are ready for your puppy when he comes home.  Each owner is special to us and we hope to make you feel that way. 

Service Dogs vs Companion Dogs

Lamgo Farms breeds MiniGoldendoodles for the purpose of both Companion and Service capabilities.  Although all Mini Goldendoodles are intelligent, friendly, and durable; not all puppies are meant to spend a lifetime dedicated for service.  Some puppies from the start are just meant to be placed in companion homes whereas others show the precise personality, temperament, intellect, stamina, and physical capabilities to spend their lives beaming their bright character as a therapy dog for those with both physical, and emotional needs.  Others have the will, ambition, and desire to live the dedicated life with Search and Rescue teams accross America.  Training starts at 2 weeks old and placement into foster homes starts at 16 weeks old.  Lamgo Farms reserves the top 1 pick twice a year for Service dogs to be placed for these purposes.  Please contact us for more information.  
Daphne's December 2009 F2b puppies .
  Sorry, Not for sale.  They have all found their new homes.  

Visit our Nursery  or  Past Litters  pages for more pictures

  produce a variety of colors from white, cream, apricot, to light and dark red.  Sorry, Not for sale.  They have all found their new homes.  


                                              A few of Duke and Daphne's F2B Puppies

What you get when you purchase a Lamgo Farms Minigoldendoodle

- Updated Weekly pictures/videos and updates of your puppy

- 1 yr genetic health warranty covering hips and eyes.  (Warranty will be e-mailed upon request.)

- 1st set of puppy shots

- At least 2 dewormings

- Preventative Flea Treatment application

- Vet checked

- Dew claws removed

- 3 business day general health guarantee

-Night Crate Training

-Basic commands such as "sit" and "come"

-Bell Potty training with "Poochie Bells"

-Introduction to leash training

-Puppy Crate

- Puppy Packet: scented blanket from siblings, toy, treats, nutritional supplement, sample bag of premium puppy food, vaccination and other vet records, extensive reading material on puppy training, potty and night crate training, Poochie Bells for Potty training, behavioral training and helpful tips, copies of the dam's health testing and sire's health testing, Health warranty, Purchase Contract, and Photos of your puppy from birth to pick up day.

**High Profile Customers' confidentiality is respected and special arrangements can be made for pick up and delivery.  Please contact us for more information.

**Airports serving your Corporate and General Aviation needs both 15 min. and 40 min. from the ranch.  DFW Airport serves our Commercial Airline customers.

Mrs. Beasley

  Mrs. Beasley is an F1 Mini goldendoodle with a registered golden retriever mom and a registered red miniature poodle dad.  Her coat is slightly different from Duke and Daphne's .  She has more of a relaxed soft curl.  You will see the typical "rag-a-muffin" doodle look from her.  She will  have breedings with our AKC Registered Red Miniature Poodle, Burton in order to produce solid red F1b Petite Mini Goldendoodles that are the smaller size 20-25 lbs.  We expect an all red litter.  We suggest getting on her wait lists if you are interested in one of her puppies as they will go quickly.

Beasley/Duke F2b puppies


Mrs. Beasley/ Mr. Bean F1b Petite Puppies
(Mr. Bean and Burton look the same, so the Beasley/Burton puppies will also look like these)

Mrs. Beasley

Mr. Bean
Mr. Bean has now retired. But we like to keep his picture since we still breed his line with our doodles.  In this picture, he's sporting his long poodle coat.  

Introducing. . .Burton
Burton is our new little small Miniature AKC Registered Dark Red Poodle.  He will be replacing our Mr. Bean and will be breeding with Mrs. Beasley, Daphne, and will start our new Labradoodle line.




Pringles is an F1 Petite Goldendoodle, with a Registered Golden Retriever mom and a Registered Miniature Poodle dad.  She has a wonderful Rag-O-Muffin wavy coat, which she will pass down to her puppies.  She's an incredibly smart and loving little girl.  She has been paired with Mr. Bean to create F1B Petite Goldendoodles and is now being paired with our Duke or Burton to create absolutely beautiful personalities and coats.
Together, these two beauties create all shades of red puppies with wavy coats in the perfect size maturing between 15-30 lbs.  25 lbs being the average for a Duke/Pringles puppy and 18 lbs being the average for a Pringles/Burton puppy.


Pringles/ Mr. Bean F1b Petite Goldendoodle puppies

F2BB Micro-Mini and Pocket Goldendoodles

Sammy, short for Samantha, is one of Duke and Daphne's puppies.  Sammy has been paired with our very small Chocolate toy poodle, Niles.  Together, they created a rare and newer Mini Goldendoodle breed, the F2BB.  The wonderful genetics and temperaments of the Golden Retriever are still in this breed, plus a larger and  wonderful dose of poodle genetics  for that hypoallergenic curly and wavy coat combined with the intellect of both the breeds.  This rare breed gives you the awesome Duke qualities our owners have grown to love through his daughter, Sammy.  Plus you get the added benefit of the cross between yet another poodle which happens to be a toy size.  To our knowledge, we are the first to pioneer this crossing.  We are very pleased with these puppies and look forward to many more F2bb litters in the future.     We have now retired Niles, but pair Sammy with our Paddington and our other Toy poodle, Burton.
Coats will vary from wavy to curly.   Mostly wavy.   

The majority of these pups with Burton as the daddy are expected to mature at a much smaller size than our Duke and Daphne , and Duke and Beasley Mini Goldendoodle litters.  Mature weights will be from 10-20 lbs.  Our Sammy/Paddington Pair will mature around 20-30 lbs.
Please e-mail for more information.  Thank you!



Past Sammy Puppies 

  Sammy / Niles' Puppies


  Pepper, our F1 Micro-Mini Goldendoodle.  Yes, she is fully grown!!!  She was paired with our little Toy black poodle, Niles to create our first "Pocket" Goldendoodle.  These little beauties have a full Retriever heart in a tiny little body maturing between 8-15 lbs.  The average 10 lbs.
Pepper looks identical to Daphne, only smaller.  She posesses Daphne's cotton coat which does not easily mat.  She has a nice thick frame and is definately NOT a toy breed.  She maintains all of the Golden Retriever qualities, most of all that beautiful loving, calm, and intellectual personality.  She has a Registered Golden Retriever mom and a Registered Minature Poodle dad.   




Pepper and Niles F1b Pocket Goldendoodle puppies
A variety of colors in one litter: Black, white, cream, and apricot


Our beautiful light red Standard Poodle
Brie has had puppies with both Duke and Bison to give us 
uniquely beautiful puppies with a temperament we can only dream of having in a puppy.  Brie weighs in the upper 50 lb range, but depending on who is fathering the puppies, she can have puppies in the 30 lb range as well as in the 70 lb range (with Bison).


Our beautiful English Creme Golden Retriever with lines from Denmark
The most docile temperament, Bison differs from our American Retriever lines
with a shorter and thicker stature.  His solid white color and blocky face gives us 
our beautiful and incredibly popular English Goldendoodles.

Polly and Paddington

Polly is our F1 English Creme Standard Goldendoodle.  Her mom Lamgo Farms' very own Standard Poodle and her dad is our own English Creme Retriever, Bison.  She has the very best personality and the most beautiful wavy coat that bounces when she runs.  She is being paired with our very own Paddington Bear to create a very unique Moyen/Medium F2b English Red Teddy Bear Goldendoodle.

Paddington Bear is from one of our most famous breedings between Lamgo Farms' very own Mrs. Beasley and Mr. Bean.  He is an F1b Petite Teddy Bear Goldendoodle.  He has his daddy's personality and is just the most fun loving boy ever.

Juliet (Jules)
Juliet is a relative to our own Mrs. Beasley and will one day be her replacement in future litters.  She is an F1 first generation Red Miniature Goldendoodle with a red poodle dad and a Golden Retriever mom.  She will be paired with our Paddington and our Burton depending on client demand.  Her puppies will have a wavy to curly coat with that beautiful soft thick ragamuffin look.  Jules is super smart, playful, obedient, loving, laid back and overall just a sweet girl.  We can't wait to see her babies!


Introducing Cupcake our Chocolate Lab
She is being paired with our little Burton to create a Miniature Labradoodle with a wavy coat and a dark Chocolate/red coloring.  Surely to be the most beautiful and sweet Labradoodles out there!


(Cupcake's past Chocolate Labradoodle puppies)
                                                     Daphne                                                                                                       Duke
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