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Some Helpful Tips When Bringing Home Your Puppy

*Your Mini Goldendoodle or Shih Tzu puppy will need to be let out to go potty every three hours during the first week he/she is home.  Starting the second week, this should stretch to about four hours.  Refer to your puppy packet information for more on potty training.

*It's important during the first few weeks to teach your little one that the out doors is for elimination and not for play time until the elimination is complete.  This way, you are not standing outside forever waiting for him/her to go.  If he/she does not go right away, simply bring him back inside and put him back in his crate for a short time.  Try again.  He will get the idea.  Doodles are very smart and catch on quickly. 

*If you have to be gone for longer than four hours during the first two weeks, I suggest picking up a used playpen from goodwill or a garage sale.  Place a few puppy pads at one end and food, water, and a sleeping spot at the other.  After week two, don't be surprised if your puppy will learn to escape the playpen.  Then it may be a good idea to invest in a play yard.  Don't forget the puppy pads.

*Mini Goldendoodles need attention.  If you leave them alone for very long they will get into trouble.  Please keep this in mind and plan accordingly.

*Your puppy will already be accustomed to his/her crate, but may still be a little weary of his/her new surroundings.  If you have the means, try investing in a sound conditioner.  Your puppy has been listening and sleeping to a sound conditioner purchased from Walgreens, set to the "stream" setting since he/ she could hear.  This familiar sound along with the scented blanket from his mommy may make the transition for you both a lot easier.

*Your mini goldendoodles' diet: Your puppy has been started on a diet of Proud Paws Puppy food from ADM Alliance Nutrition.  Our doodles and puppies have been enjoying this highly nutritional diet which is also available in a variety of formulas from puppy, performance, sensitive, to adult and senior.  Lamgo Farms provides a bag of puppy food to go home with each puppy.  Each puppy packet has a wide variety of reading material on subjects such as potty and crate training, eating, ect. to help you on your way.

" . . .one for you, one for me. . ."

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