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    Located south of the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex, Lamgo Farms is a family owned and operated farm in Venus, Texas.  While my husband manages a large cattle and buffalo ranch nearby, I'm busy homeschooling our five children and looking after our Mini-goldendoodle and Shih Tzu breeding programs and our line of hand-crafted custom pet products.  Throw in a few farm animals of our own and you can see we're extremely busy.  We're not your typical breeding program.  With plenty of genetic research on hand and years of experience, we're dedicated to improving our Mini Goldendoodle and Shih Tzu breeds and only produce four to five litters per year.  Our dams get plenty of rest between litters which produces a better quality product for our customers. 

Our MiniGoldendoodle and Shih Tzu puppies are family raised in our home and are well socialized.  All puppies experience household noises and functions such as children yelling, crying and playing; vacuum cleaners running; musical instruments playing etc.  Although the children do interact with the puppies daily as they mature, proper socializing is done only by adults when they are young and most vulnerable.  As they mature, our puppies interact daily with children, both boys and girls, as well as my husband and myself.  This constant contact prepares them for almost any household environment.  

We chose to own and raise the mini goldendoodle breed due to their mild temperament, trainability, intellect, smaller size, and their hypoallergenic traits.  Ultimately, the mini goldendoodle breed allowed four of our five children, who have severe asthma, to have the experience of having a medium sized dog to run around with,  play fetch with, and roll around with in the yard.  Our Shih Tzu breed gave us that little faithful lap dog that we desired that also possesed those great hypoallergenic traits.  And at the end of the day, the kids could bring our MiniGoldendoodles and Shih tzu in the house without having triggered their asthma or allergies.  Although these wonderful minidoodles are virtually non shedding, there are times that they could throw a few hairs.  It's always best to make sure you can tolerate a breed before you commit to one. 

We also reserve at least the first two picks from litters each year that would provide excellent services in both Search and Rescue, Service and Therapy. 

Training begins at Lamgo Farms.  We strive to provide our owners with not only the best quality and best looking dogs, but also the best trained puppies than any other breeder.  We opt to prepare and arm our owners with training and reading material as well as constant support to supply them with knowledge to weather the two year puppy stage to find their "best friend."  Lamgo Farms Puppies are night kennel trained, introduced to bell potty training, introduced to leash training and taught a few basic commands.  This is all included in our puppy price.  We do not charge extra for this service.  Extended stay programs are available for an additional cost. 

We are not a kennel. Our breeding dogs are our pets.  Our sire, dams, and puppies all live in our house with us so your puppies will have a great start.  At Lamgo Farms, we're dedicated to producing happy, healthy, quality family pets and will be here for a lifetime of support you can count on.


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